Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk


روزانه هزاران ربات مختلف از سایت شما بازدید می‌کنند که در این میان ربات‌های مخربی نیز وجود دارند که با قرار دادن پیام‌ها و دیدگاه‌های هرز در صدد ایجاد اخلال در سایت شما می‌یاشند، می‌توانید با نصب افزونه اسپم پروداکشن، سایت خود را از وجود پیام‌هایی از این دست رهایی بخشید.



Installation instructions

  1. Download, install and activate ‘Anti-spam by CleanTalk’.

  2. Get Access key

  3. Enter Access key in the settings: WordPress console -> Settings -> Antispam by CleanTalk

  4. Do dummy spam comment (registration or contact message) with email [email protected]. You should see notice: Forbidden. Sender blacklisted.

  5. Done! The plugin is ready to use.

Video guide – Anti-Spam Plugin Installation in WordPress.

Important! To test spam protection you must post a dummy submissions as website visitor (use must logged out from WordPress console), because the plugin doesn’t filter submissions from WordPress administrators.

How can setup plugin in WPMU version?

In WordPress multisite version you can switch the plugin to use Global Access key. In this way the plugin doesn’t show any options to enter Access key in plugin settings and doesn’t show Trial banner in WordPress backend. To setup global CleanTalk access key for all websites in WPMS, define constant in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

define('CLEANTALK_ACCESS_KEY', 'place your key here');

Make it before you activated the plugin. If the plugin already activated, deactivate it and add the code and active it again.
Now, all subsites will have this access key.

Manage and control spam protection

Go to Dashboard at the or use Android, iPhone anti-spam app to manage and control spam protection.


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